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The Best Watering Schedule

Living in Nebraska we know all too well the hot humid summers are best spent at the pool.  However, the best place for your lawn is not in the water.  These wet, humid conditions can cause fungus to grow in your lawn.  So, the best time to water your lawn is before the sun comes up in the morning for no more than 20 minutes per zone.  If you are finished watering when the sun comes up, the sun will dry your grass and help prevent fungus from forming on your lawn.  Fungus in your lawn may have many different looks.  Some types of fungus have patterns and others are just brown patches in your lawn that resemble lack of water.   But do not water more, as that will just compound the problem.


Enjoy your summer!  And remember if you need professional help for fungus treatments, give us a call.  We'd love to help!

Annual or Perennial?

   Spring is a wonderful time for planting flowers and shrubs.  Which is right for you?  Do you plant annuals or perennials?   One important consideration is bloom length.  Another consideration would be ease of care.  Typically annuals will provide you with more blooms for longer time, but they do require planting every spring.  Perennials require a higher initial investment, but will sprout and grow in the spring with no effort on your part.  Remember nothing will bloom all summer.  But a careful planting plan which uses a variety of plants will allow you to expereince continuous color all summer long.  

   One of my favorites is the petunia.  Petunias will bloom from the time they are planted until a hard frost.  They are a great all-summer bloomer.   Plus when it gets hot in July and August, the petunias will thrirve with minimal watering.  Another great option for long color is the knock-out rose.  They love the hot Nebraska summers, and will provide all-summer color to your landscape.    With the roses, you have the initial cost, but years of enjoyment.  If you have a shaded yard, of course, one standby is planting hostas.  Several hostas have beautiful blooms too. 

   If you need planting ideas, look on the web, ask your neighbors, visit a nursery, or call your local landscape professional.  We are here to help make your lawn and grounds the best it can be!

Tips for your lawn

Lawn care does not have to be a chore. There are many ways to effortlessly take care of your lawn.

First, be sure you have a regular fertilizing program for your lawn. It is so important to feed your turf on a regular basis.

Second, have your sprinklers in good working order. Nebraska summers can be brutal and not having your watering routine can cause your turf to turn brown and die out. Overwatering can be just as damaging as under watering your lawn.

Finally, Pre-emergent is essential to preventing new weeds seeds from germinating in your turf and landscape beds. One common mistake is putting the pre-emergent on the lawn before the ground temperature is warm enough. This mistake will cause the pre-emergent to be ineffective.

65 Degrees - The Magic Number

     After a long cold winter like we have had, getting outside is what everyone wants to do.   Like you, I also want to start working in the yard.  As I look at my yard, I see patches that are bare. However, one pitfall to avoid would be to put grass seed on the lawn now.  It is too early; be patient.  Remember, in order for grass seed to germinate, the ground temperature must be 65 degrees or warmer. 

     Another common mistake would be to put pre-emergent on your lawn this time of year.  Everyone wants to prevent weeds, but the pre-emergent is only effective when the ground temperate is 65 degrees or warmer.  

Save your pennies.  Wait to put grass seed or pre-emergent down. 

     Finally, use a general fertilizer on your lawn if you plan on putting grass seed down.  Pre-emergent would prevent your grass seeds from sprouting. 


Spring is Around the Corner

After the long winter we have had, it will be so nice to get out into the yard and start making your lawn look beautiful. There are a few steps you can do to insure an easy transition from the dull drab winter lawn to the blooming beautiful spring lawn.

First, make sure your lawn is free from fall and winter debris. Pick up fallen leaves, sticks, rocks, and anything else that has accumulated over the long winter. It is also important to clean all landscaped beds and remove any dead plant materials.

Second, if there are places in the turf where snow blowers or snow plows have scraped away the grass, rake out the dirt, seed it, and water it.

Finally, get your lawn mower serviced and have the blades sharpened and ready to go.

These steps will make spring get here a little quicker - I hope.