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Annual or Perennial?

   Spring is a wonderful time for planting flowers and shrubs.  Which is right for you?  Do you plant annuals or perennials?   One important consideration is bloom length.  Another consideration would be ease of care.  Typically annuals will provide you with more blooms for longer time, but they do require planting every spring.  Perennials require a higher initial investment, but will sprout and grow in the spring with no effort on your part.  Remember nothing will bloom all summer.  But a careful planting plan which uses a variety of plants will allow you to expereince continuous color all summer long.  

   One of my favorites is the petunia.  Petunias will bloom from the time they are planted until a hard frost.  They are a great all-summer bloomer.   Plus when it gets hot in July and August, the petunias will thrirve with minimal watering.  Another great option for long color is the knock-out rose.  They love the hot Nebraska summers, and will provide all-summer color to your landscape.    With the roses, you have the initial cost, but years of enjoyment.  If you have a shaded yard, of course, one standby is planting hostas.  Several hostas have beautiful blooms too. 

   If you need planting ideas, look on the web, ask your neighbors, visit a nursery, or call your local landscape professional.  We are here to help make your lawn and grounds the best it can be!