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Spring is here!

    After this very long winter, spring seems to have finally arrived.  Rain would be great, but at least it isn't so cold.  One thing you can do right now to help your lawn and trees and shrubs, is water, water, water.  Since our snowfall this past winter was so low, all our lawns and outdoor plants need moisture.  If you have a sprinkler system, I would NOT recommend turning it on just yet.  There is still a possibility of freezing and that could damage your sprinkler system and leave you with expensive repair bills.  However, dragging the hose to water trees and shrubs would benefit them greatly.  The weather predictions are bleak right now in predicting rain, so you can keep your trees and plants stress-free by watering.

     We have been in yards cleaning out flower beds and picking up leaves from last fall.  It is great to get back outside and get to work.  If you need any help with your lawn work, please give us a call.   We would love to make your spring stress-free.