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Spring Rain brings Spring Flowers!

Yes, we are excited that spring is finally here!  However, let me caution you that the ground temperature as of today is still only 49 degrees.  This means that it is still too cold to apply pre-emergent, put grass seed in bare spots, or plant any flowers except panies.  It is a great time though for clean up of lawns and flower beds.  This is the best time to pick up the leaves, sticks, and remove thatch from the lawn.   Removing all the debris from your lawn, will make a healthier lawn this summer.   


If you are really wanting to work in your yard now, I would suggest mulching your beds.  Mulching your perinnels will help control weeds, hold moisture, and make your beds more attractive.  


Is your schedule busy with many spring activies?  Maybe you have spring graduations and need your lawn to look great.   If you need any lawn care help, call Superior Green and let us help you take care of  all your lawn care needs.