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65 Degrees - The Magic Number

     After a long cold winter like we have had, getting outside is what everyone wants to do.   Like you, I also want to start working in the yard.  As I look at my yard, I see patches that are bare. However, one pitfall to avoid would be to put grass seed on the lawn now.  It is too early; be patient.  Remember, in order for grass seed to germinate, the ground temperature must be 65 degrees or warmer. 

     Another common mistake would be to put pre-emergent on your lawn this time of year.  Everyone wants to prevent weeds, but the pre-emergent is only effective when the ground temperate is 65 degrees or warmer.  

Save your pennies.  Wait to put grass seed or pre-emergent down. 

     Finally, use a general fertilizer on your lawn if you plan on putting grass seed down.  Pre-emergent would prevent your grass seeds from sprouting.